Amy Brenton


I bring new thinking to the industry. 

Web design trends are constantly changing, but you have to be able to understand the basis of what has been done in order to predict what’s up and coming. 

It’s not just websites either, from a clean logo, a strategic illustration or a not too shabby TikTok following, landing on the final product is a result of inhabiting the digital space. It’s the science of ever changing algorithms and the fundamentals of design that lead me to preparing for the future of this moment.

A breath of fresh air still needs the basics to flourish and I have a thorough understanding. I don’t get caught up in current paradigms. You can tell by my signature mismatched neon pink and green combat boots. The team here says I’m plucked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. 

I’m glad they enjoy my palette.


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Great work doesn’t happen between strangers.