Ashley Quirke

Content + SEO Auditor

A diverse background leads to innovative content.

At least, that’s what I tell myself to make the cost of 8 years in post-secondary learning feel a little better. I’ve worn many hats; biologist, geospatial analyst, cartographer, social media marketer, writer, illustrator and designer. What do all of these things have in common? The ability to organize complex information, and simplify it so it’s accessible to all… not unlike creating an interactive online map, writing up a guide for a video game or producing an illustration for a client. And I’ve been doing all of those things for a long time – just ask my bookcase full of finished sketchbooks!

…Ok, so bookcases can’t talk, but the experience I’ve gained learning and working in different fields of expertise sure does! My one-of-a-kind skill set allows me to tackle content from a variety of perspectives and find the right voice for every project.

It certainly makes for a unique way of looking at things.


Filled-out Sketchbooks


Interactive online maps created


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