Dan Hiscock

Conceptual Writer + Public Relations

From award-winning movies to your friend’s retelling of their night out, all good tales start with a concept

The art of the story is universal and unites us as people. Going back to early civilizations, keeping one another entertained around a fire to the next binge-worthy show, storytelling has always kept us connected. We all love a good yarn that brings us together and science shows our brains retain information better through story.

I like to find the extraordinary in what you may consider ordinary. My storytelling method of choice ranges from smartphones and laptops, to the ancient art of pen to paper, or even a flash of brilliance scrawled on my hand. My BA in English Lit and degree in Public Relations combines both an arts background and business strategy, putting your project in capable hands. 

Scripts, articles, one-liners or a tight five, even a viral meme or two. I always find the funny or the serious, depending on what the story needs.

I’d be honoured to help you tell yours.








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