Bridges to Hope/Steers Insurance

Show of Hands

Our long time client Steers Insurance was the broker supporting Bridges to Hope in the national Aviva Community Fund Competition.

The competition asked people to vote online to decide which charity might receive a potential gift of $150,000 towards their programming. After two weeks of voting, Bridges to Hope were behind, and WaterWerks was engaged to help promote the cause for round two.


A complicated voting mechanism, cause fatigue, and a lack of motivating imagery were some of the challenges we faced. We needed to mobilize strategic partners, so we created a Facebook page where we could direct supporters and post messages.


We then produced a viral video called “Show of Hands” to post online. Other strategies included VOCM Open Line calls, and reaching out to various media through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also created an email postcard with hyperlinks and sent messages to local politicians, schools, churches, businesses, and other charitable organizations sharing the anti-poverty mandate.


As a result of our media relations effort, our video was featured in its entirety on the “NTV Evening Newshour” along with an interview with the Executive Director of Bridges to Hope. Rogers’ “Out of the Fog” also covered the story. We were ecstatic to learn that the efforts resulted in Bridges to Hope placing in the top ten of the Aviva Community Fund Competition, and winning the organization some much deserved attention.

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