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We’ve been working with Steers Insurance for 15 years. And there’s a reason why this relationship has withstood the test of time; we know the media landscape and we really know our client.


We’ve grown together over the years, helping to shape their marketing strategy, evolve their brand, and make sure they are talking to their current customers and connecting with new ones. When it was time to grow the online side of their brand using digital and social media marketing, WaterWerks was ready.

We’re a local company, working for a local company. We have a local lens. This is important. Newfoundland and Labrador is a unique market. Right? Our jokes, our weather, our way of speaking and connecting to each other is something an outside marketer has troubling understanding. But we get it. And because we get it, every month we attract more followers, create meaningful and local content, and bring leads to our client.


Deciding what to post is just the beginning. Creating the right visuals is key to making sure Steers posts have that unique flavour and get noticed. We create a combination of still images, illustrations, photos, .gifs, animations, and videos. It all depends on what the post calls for, what the strategy is, and what will get people’s attention.

Continuity is also key. Through our many years working with this client, we have created a broad suite of creative materials for print, TV and online content. We can reuse or repurpose material, or create something new.  Why is this important? This optimizes every dollar for our client and guarantees the online tactics are on brand and contribute to a clearly defined strategy.


The results are amazing, and will only get better. Steers has 2,000+ new Facebook followers and has had millions of online engagements coming from various social and digital platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The website we built for this client loads in under two seconds and generates incredible metrics. Every data point informs an ever-evolving strategy that is based on evidence and clear benchmarking.

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Don’t waste National Telephone Day – get that quote you’ve been meaning to get by calling your local Steers Insurance Rep today! ☎️

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