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Most home heating companies focus on the warm. The cozy. Warm socks and cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket with your labradoodle, Angus, on the couch. 

Well, we thought: if ya don’t have oil heat, you’re froze right ta d’et and probably haven’t sove up a nickel for the power bill, which got ya drove.

Got all that? 

Newfoundlanders do some strange things with the English language. But the charm, cheekiness, and character in our slang is something you won’t find anywhere else. You have to live here to really ‘get it.’ And that’s where Tapper’s operates. Here, all over the Northeast Avalon. 

Tapper’s Oil is a locally owned and operated company, and their customers are Newfoundlanders. It was important for them to keep that local flavour for their social media presence. So the weekly content we create embraces our Irish and English ancestry and the quirkiness of our sayings. 

Check out some of our favourites below.

When we hit level 2, Tapper’s wanted to help fellow Newfoundlanders figure out what six feet apart looks like.

Using common items found in Newfoundland homes, we did the math and exemplified six feet through familiar products. Take a look:

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