2019 Folk Festival Designs by WaterWerks

Steve Tessier

Steve Tessier Strategy & Client Relations

WaterWerks understands the challenges that Towns and Cities face every day. We’ve heard it all and we are here to help.

Over the last several years, communicating with residents and stakeholders has changed substantially. No longer is an ad in the weekly paper enough. There is a need to evolve your communications strategies to address how people wish to be contacted, how often, and for what reason. This needs to happen sooner rather than later. 

With the age of digital transformation, it’s more important than ever to market and communicate your municipality in the right ways. Your residents expect it, demand it, and they want it now. Changes like new social media channels, an increase in the volume and complexity of information, and new methods of citizen engagement are creating new challenges for municipalities. At WaterWerks, we see these as opportunities.

WaterWerks’ has worked with many municipalities, helping with marketing, and focusing on quantifiable results. We focus on such things as website clicks, increasing attendance at events and pubic engagement sessions, promoting tourism, or even helping attract economic development. 

Planning, planning, planning.
Plan your work. And work your plan.

The days of the Town Clerk, Economic Development Officer or other staff doing complex messaging are over. There is no way they can keep up with the speed of change and fulfill the job they are supposed to be doing, running your Town. 

The advantage of hiring WaterWerks? We only use smart strategy, fused with digital technology, designed with perfect graphics, stunning illustrations and videos or photos, then blend that with creative writing. We have the in-house resources ready to create the tactics needed to support your strategies and get you results. 

Check out some of our municipal work and if you’re ready for a complimentary consultation, call us.