Cartography: Taking an old practice into a digital space

WaterWerks Agency

WaterWerks Agency

Mapping is an ancient practice, dating back to prehistory.

The earliest known map (a wall painting!) is thought to have been made in the late 7th millennium BCE, and that’s not the only prehistoric map we’ve unearthed. There are many others.

When you hear the word “map”, it’s easy to think of a confusing folded paper with tiny print, or even a pirate’s treasure map. But as we move into a digital age, maps are becoming so much more! 

Modern, digital maps are interactive and can be used to streamline and showcase a large amount of information in one place. For example, a local business creates an interactive map of their locations across the city. Someone interested in visiting the business wants to know what location is nearest to them, so they check out the business’ website and find the map. Not only are they now able to see which location is closest, but they can also click on this location to learn more about that branch, see hours of operation, contact info, employee information and more. All in one convenient place! Who would have thought that the prehistoric art of mapping could become so modern?

Sounds interesting, right? Reach out today and let’s chat about designing the perfect map solution for your business!