WaterWerks Communications Launches 7th Annual Christmas Diaper Drop with a Big New Goal

WaterWerks Agency

WaterWerks Agency

Imagine a crying baby and you’re trying to soothe her. Is she hungry? Tired? You check her diaper. Wet. You reach for a clean diaper, but find none.

St. John’s, NL — Diapers are a basic need for babies, yet 1 in 5 Canadian mothers struggle to afford enough. Parents often have to choose between essentials, like food, rent, and child care in order to afford enough diapers.

WaterWerks Communications launched its campaign today to collect diapers and raise awareness of diaper need in Newfoundland and Labrador with the 7th annual Christmas Diaper Drop. This annual event helps families in need by collecting diapers and donations to purchase diapers.

Last year, we interviewed many parents who struggled with diaper need and discovered a theme: An overwhelming sense of shame and embarrassment over not being able to provide this very basic need for their children. This year, we wanted to show that being a parent is hard. For everyone. We all need a little help sometimes. And that’s okay.


“A little helps a lot. Share the love” is the new campaign slogan. The campaign features a series of videos of local Moms and Dads sharing stories of small acts of kindness and love that made them feel like a better parent. Other new elements for 2016 include a website diaperdrop.ca, that has a live diaper count, online donation portal that shows you how many diapers you’re donating for your dollars, and new creative featuring photography of local babies.

The message this year is two fold: It’s okay and normal to need help and we should all be inspired and encouraged to help others. Curtis distinctly remember last year one woman tearfully admitting, “I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed to ask for help.

It’s heartbreaking. As a mother, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve felt embarrassed to admit I don’t have it all together. To feel like I’ve done something wrong. I think it’s because we fear being weak, especially moms and dads. Life demands you to balance so much and we don’t want to be judged as a bad parent. But the truth is, the expectations we put on ourselves are so much harder than anything we’d ever expect of anyone else. If you need help, you’re not alone


Diaper need has an impact on the health and overall well-being of both babies and parents. In 2013 it was estimated that over 20% of the province’s youth live in poverty, with St. John’s holding the highest child poverty level among Canadian cities at 15.8%. This province also still suffers from the highest rate of food bank usage in the country.

It’s not the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about what to donate during the Christmas season, or any time of year,” said Roxanne Morrissey, Partner WaterWerks Communications. “But it’s such basic need. And it’s hard to believe that such a basic need is not being met. We urge others to join us over the coming weeks and donate diapers to children in need.

Since 2009, the group has collected over 350,000 diapers. This year, the goal is huge. 100,000 diapers. This year’s event will begin December 1st and the Community Food Sharing Network will again be the recipient of this year’s donations. Donations will be presented on December 22. All monetary donations over $10.00 will received a charitable donation receipt.

You can help. Visit diaperdrop.ca to find out all the ways you can get involved or call Julie at 709 738 5090 for details.

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