Some Good Thinker

Sound like you? Read on for more details.

We’re looking to expand our creative team. Whether your background is in design, copywriting, or both, if you have a passion for coming up with fresh ideas and turning them into engaging content, we want you on board. 

Our team members are lifelong learners from a variety of creative and technical backgrounds who together create meaningful and cool work that we’re all proud of

Your Working Style

  • Good Thinker. Above all, you’re a critical thinker and a natural problem solver. You love coming up with creative solutions by thinking deeply and researching new ideas to explore. Your curiosity drives you to stay engaged and join in on conversations happening all around you. You’re constantly feeding your curiosity.
  • Good Team Player. You are not a lone wolf. You have the ability and desire to both learn from and lift your teammates in any way possible. You know how to use the skills you have and borrow the ones you don’t. And at WaterWerks, there’s a whole team of smart, boundary-pushing people, with some of the best and brightest creative and technical minds to back you up.
  • Good Human. You are okay with getting uncomfortable. You’re humble enough to go out and experiment with something you have never done and incorporate others’ input, but confident enough to push the boundaries to come up with options that no one expected.

What’s your combination of education, experience, certifications, street smarts? What makes you right for our team?

You might have an education in:


We’re struggling to name this position without knowing you and your background, so feel free to pitch us one. Don’t let your imposter syndrome get the best of you.

Start thinking about what you could bring to the position, put together a few work samples, and reach out to [email protected].

Get to know you sessions will start Mid July.