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Think of the last time you wanted to know something, buy something, or learn about anything.

You Googled it right? So it’s critical that you have a website that helps people find you and understand what you do. So, how do you know it’s time for a new website?

  1. Your website is old and slow
  2. You dread updating your website content because of how hard it is to do 
  3. Your content is outdated and doesn’t reflect who you are or what you offer any more
  4. You know your website should be accessible but you don’t know how to get there
  5. You need a contact form, a booking system, or e-commerce that actually works
  1. Nobody can find you online
  2. You hear the news about websites getting hacked everyday and businesses having to shut down and you’re worried about how secure your own site is
  3. Your website works well on a computer, but not on a phone (where 70% of your website traffic is coming from) 
  4. People complain they can’t find the information they need 
  5. Your website is costing you money, sales, opportunities, and the ability to market in 2024

If any of these pain points sound too familiar, it’s time to invest in a new website. The good news? We can help.

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Still undecided?

Our Website Audit process can help you with that. It evaluates websites based on the pain points listed above, and more. The outcome of this audit will help you formulate your website strategy based on real-word facts, data, and technology.

Creating unique digital solutions for ambitious brands is the foundation of what we do.

WaterWerks is a long-standing modern Agency with extensive experience designing + developing custom websites with proven technology.

We craft sites with purpose.



Award-winning website design backed by user informed research to build an emotional connection between your brand and audience.

We don’t waste time on extraneous flash or gimmicks. Instead we focus on providing a solid interface that’s easy to explore and keeps in mind the cognitive load of a busy user. Websites should be intuitive and easy to use — new but familiar.



Our websites are custom-built for your needs and integrate with the open-source WordPress platform — no bloated paid themes required.

Working together, we’ll take you through each of our website development phases, taking your input, proposing solutions, and going from discovery through to launch. No matter your needs or what problems you have to be solved, we will build a custom solution that works for you.



By coding solutions ourselves, we limit the use of third-party code such as WordPress plugins and themes which could introduce common vulnerabilities.

Our code base is routinely monitored to maintain quality standards and we’ve even had multiple sites independently audited by third-party providers. WaterWerks sites passed those audits with flying colours.

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WaterWerks has a long history of building long term relationships, both internally and externally.

From team members that have been with us for over a decade to clients that have trusted WaterWerks for even longer, we’re proud of the work we’ve all accomplished together.

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