Lindsey Brennan

Art Director

The digital world is changing every day.

This constant state of change creates exciting opportunities and endless horizons. That is why I chose a career in design. What’s different about my approach is that I’m traditionally trained in the fine arts. So, in the hustle to design for a digital experience, I see value in mixing the old with the new to create something entirely different.

Maybe not old – let’s call it vintage. And by mixing a little vintage, you get to inject personality and character into the crispness and shine of modern design. It’s innovation with soul. Speaking of vintage, I actually own two antique letterpresses. (Yes really. They’re in my garage) It’s through letterpress printing, I learned that typography is the pillar in any design project and without an in-depth understanding of that structure design can fall short.

As the saying goes – the devil is in the details – and attention to the fine details can make the biggest impact.


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