Mistaken Point

UNESCO World Heritage Dossier

On the windswept Southern edge of the Avalon Peninsula, lies a rare geological treasure. Mistaken Point’s 560 million year old fossils hold secrets that have changed our understanding of evolution.

WaterWerks was entrusted with presenting the scientific evidence for a Nomination Dossier to be reviewed by an International Panel of Experts. We felt it was important to give the reader a sense of the Mistaken Point experience. We took an impression of a fossil and created a replica that was inset in the front cover.

Each volume was painstakingly hand bound in leather and each page laid out with the exacting precision of the finest text documents. Custom illustrations and graphics helped create a unified look across a myriad of scientific sources so varied that the work contained twelve pages of citations alone.

The culmination of 46 years’ work from an international community of scientists, government officials, and the Mistaken Point community, WaterWerks compiled and created the Dossier in just eight short weeks. As a result, Mistaken Point was awarded recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site in July, 2016.

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