Oceans Advance

Oceans Advance is not just a brand; it’s a beacon of modernity, innovation, and a bold vision for the future of the ocean tech industry.

Your portal into the Ocean Tech Ecosystem of NL

In Newfoundland & Labrador we have the world’s harshest oceans, and a culture built around it. So it only makes sense that ocean technology companies in our province are creating solutions with global impact on every continent.

Brand Identity

For the rebranding of Oceans Advance, a membership organization representing the industry on the global stage for the last 40 years, it was time to go as bold as the companies they represent. We knew to stand we had to build a brand suite with sharp colour contrast and a strong font choice.

The Future of

Ocean Tech

The full brand suite experience crosses over the logo, to website, and brand launch video. In the We Are Your Portal video, every detail of the sound design from ocean sounds to technical glitches embraces and reinforces the Oceans Advance brand. The video highlights two of our biggest advantages; where we are and who we are.

Defining Our Look

You’ll see the brand underpinned in every brand asset and action you take on the website; gradual gradients, red angles that nod to Canada, and dynamic micro interactions that provide a seamless user experience.

We’re dedicated to building smart strategic solutions.

Ready to see what we can do for you?