Seafood from Canada

Brand, Website, and Content Strategy

Seafood from Canada is a $7.5 billion industry, selling our seafood to over 130 countries around the world.  

This comprehensive online strategy started with a new collaborative branding story and carefully cultivated content in the form of authentic videos, custom product photography, and succinct content. An interactive directory helps consumers find the right provider, even narrowing the selection down to providers that ship to the consumer’s region. Finally, custom-built, privacy-focused analytics allows Seafood from Canada to monitor the effectiveness of the site while also following international online privacy regulations.


Click on this short video to see the website in action.


This site won an international Vega Award for Best Technical Achievement in a website and WaterWerks was the only Atlantic Canadian Agency with a win in the website category in 2021, and one of only four in the entire country. 

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