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St. John’s Convention Centre

For over twenty years, the St. John’s Convention Centre has been the premier choice for events large and small. Located in the heart of downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, their newly expanded Convention Centre boasts 47,000 square feet of divisible meeting space, and plenty of old-world charm, in this historic city by the sea.

What happens when we collaborate with a team of people who are equally passionate about technology, architecture, and art?

An eye-catching, modern website reflecting the very core and aesthetic of the St. John’s Convention Centre, and the heart of our vibrant downtown St. John’s.

This website is a brilliant mix of creativity and functionality, something the team at WaterWerks also lives and breathes. The wildly customizable facility with a personality of its own was a constant inspiration to our team. 

Creating something

With this muse in mind, we developed a beautiful digital space that features a palette of deep purples and vibrant oranges, mimicking the skyline accents that grace the Convention Centre floors both day and night. Infused high-speed technology into every facet of the site, web users can envision exactly what their next unforgettable event looks like. Like the St. John’s Convention Centre itself, this website is a gateway to endless possibilities. 

It just goes to show the magic that happens when the subject and those doing the work complement one another beautifully.

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