Tides of Opportunity

Exploring Careers in the Ocean CleanTech Industry

Workforce Development of Ocean CleanTech through Innovation and Inspiration

The Tides of Opportunity video series emerged as a push to promote Ocean CleanTech careers in Newfoundland and Labrador. Stemming from a series of engaging in-person events and real-time demonstrations, this initiative provided a unique platform for both students and seasoned professionals to gain insights directly from industry leaders.

A Strategic Content Plan

Our goal of generating awareness and eliciting interest in the Ocean CleanTech jobs and opportunities was achieved through a strategic content distribution plan to ensure the campaign had as large of an impact as possible.


Our Campaign sought to target Youth and skilled workers pursuing STEM careers, aiming to get them to seriously consider a career in Ocean CleanTech. We also targeted underrepresented groups who may already be equipped with the skills to qualify for jobs in the Ocean CleanTech industry and may want to switch careers, as well as Stakeholders invested in these industries, urging them to show support through funding or partnerships.


From compelling storytelling to targeted social media promotions, each element was meticulously crafted. Utilizing analytics-driven insights, we optimized content for diverse platforms, ensuring broad reach and sustained audience engagement.


The campaign’s analytics showcase remarkable success, revealing high engagement rates, increased viewer retention, and widespread social media sharing. These impressive metrics reflect the campaign’s resonance with the target audience, affirming our strategic content decisions and the effectiveness of our outreach efforts in driving meaningful viewer interactions.


By interviewing industry leaders and capturing each on-location demonstration ourselves, we gained a lot of unique insight into the workings of each company, which helped inform the direction of each hand-crafted video. A clear and consistent narrative played a key role in generating awareness and sparking interest among our target audience, and showcasing the exciting potential within Newfoundland and Labrador’s Ocean CleanTech industry.

Campaign Analytics

Our robust analytics delve into engagement rates, viewer retention, and social media sharing, providing a comprehensive understanding of audience interactions. By analyzing the digital marketing campaign’s performance, we gain valuable insights. We then continuously refine our strategies to reach and engage with target audiences.

Crafting a custom 3D intro for our video project was a crucial part of the process, allowing us to captivate audiences from the outset. This approach enhanced viewer engagement and communicates our commitment to delivering a uniquely branded material.

3D rendering of The Launch

A 3D version of The Launch and surrounding area was built completely in-house for this intro sequence. This allowed us to have more control of our creative vision and streamline the design process. Custom 3D visuals made sure that the end product was as unique and aligned with the work being done in the Clean OceanTech industry.

Photography played a crucial role in capturing the essence of these events and demonstrations, serving as a visual narrative that enriched the campaign’s storytelling. By documenting the energy and engagement of participants, photography not only immortalized the moments but also contributed to building a comprehensive suite of content for the Tides of Opportunity Campaign.

This visual content was strategically leveraged across various digital platforms including social media channels and YouTube, amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact. Photography proved to be indispensable in marketing efforts, enhancing brand identity, and fostering connections with the target audience by offering a compelling visual representation of the opportunities within the ocean cleantech sector.

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