Lunar Inn

Brand & Website

The mission of Lunar Inn is to provide as much comfort as possible while people seek medical services in St. John’s.

Visitors avail of beautifully curated rooms designed by local Indigenous artists. The Inn is nestled amongst the charming Quidi Vidi neighbourhood and conveniently positioned in the heart of the city.

Old Friends, New Projects 

With our friends at First Light we worked to develop the Lunar Inn brand. It was important this brand aligned with the existing First Light identity. Umbrella branding is a speciality of ours, allowing us to dive in on fresh work with clients whom we share a long history with. There is immense value in truly knowing people, their organization and how they think.

Blanketed by Moonlight  

At its simplest interpretation, this logo is an amalgamation of the moon’s phases. Phases that dictate the seasons, move the tides and balance nature. A well sought after feeling as guests move through their health journey.

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