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Successful campaigns are built on solid strategic foundations that clearly understand a brand’s or company’s mission, why it exists, the problems it can solve, and channels it should live on to effectively connect with its audiences & stakeholders.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Like the eponymous master himself, we also believe that strategy should underpin everything we do – whether it’s for a digital or multi-media campaign, a new logo or tagline, a video or social media post, or a new website or mobile app.

That’s why we love collaborating with clients and helping develop strategies geared at taking them closer to achieving their business & communication goals.

Working with us means that you can be reassured that every piece of work we create will always be in service of the brand’s and organization’s strategic goals.

Data Driven Digital Strategy

At WaterWerks, we are in equal parts digital natives and communication professionals — that’s why we recognize the importance of a strategically-built digital footprint. Working with us means it won’t just be about ensuring you’re on social media and have a website, we will ensure that you use them intentionally and effectively.

Brief Process

Whether it’s a video, a social media post, or a full digital campaign — every piece of work we create always starts with a strategic brief. When you work with us, we will help you define your project goals & target audiences, craft key messages, and determine the most relevant brand stories.

Target Audience Profiling

Our diverse backgrounds gives us the unique ability to understand different types of peoples, communities, and stakeholders. We put all this knowledge to good use, and supplement what we know with insights and perspectives from our client partners to create comprehensive, authentic and evocative target audience profiles.


In the age of info overload, figuring out which messages matter the most can be overwhelming and confusing, but we can help simplify this task for you. We love sifting through and distilling information, data and insights to get to the heart of the most relevant key messages that will leave the most impact on your target audiences.

Data Analytics

Advancements in AI and machine learning technologies (among others) has resulted in an overabundance of data, and figuring out which data points matter most, what they mean, and how they can be utilized and maximized can be a challenge. Our team of data analysts have real-world experience in crunching numbers, spotting patterns, and turning data into actionable insights.

Data Visualization

Data sets, data schemas, CSV files, and thousands of rows of data spread out across several spreadsheets all mean nothing without the most appropriate visual representation. When you work with us, you get the combined strengths of analysts, designers, and strategists to visualize your data in the most strategic and fitting way.

Data Management

We strongly believe in data privacy & security, yet we are also strong believers in data-driven decision-making. Because of this, you can be assured we will always conscientiously manage and secure your customer data; and if / when we do collect and analyze data — all will be done in accordance with global regulations and safeguards.


Our team has the experience and expertise to conduct bespoke research for our Clients — whether it’s gathering insights from real people, digging deep into industries and categories to uncover trends or patterns, exploring our target audience’s media and digital consumption habits, and more


An integral step in our strategic process is helping our Clients identify the brand’s or organization’s strengths and weaknesses, find untapped opportunities that could be further maximized, and uncover creative solutions to address anticipated threats to the business, industry, or organization.

Performance Planning

(Almost) Everything today is measurable — which also means that even the simple act determining which metrics to measure can be a challenge. Our team of analysts and strategists not only love data, but are also highly adept at helping our clients define measurable goals, set benchmarks, and map out realistic performance targets.

Planning + Consultation


The rapid pace of change in technology today means that traditionally tried & tested methods of problem solving are no longer enough. We make it a point to stay up-to-date with relevant changes in the world, we study its impact on people’s behaviour so we can help our clients find modern-day business solutions that work.

We also have the expertise in helping our client partners evolve their brick-and-mortar businesses, and expand to digital channels. Our team is ready and able to provide consultation services to help accelerate your Digital Transformation.

PROJECT Management

Delighting our clients delights us. This is why our highly-skilled and well-experienced client servicing team treats every project as though they were their own. This means that when you work with us, deliverables will be completed on-time and on-budget, creative output will drive impact, and your brand strategy is safeguarded.


Connecting with people in the digital age has become a very complex process, but we can help simplify these complexities and help you craft your Marketing Plans. We will work together to define target audiences, map out key messages, prioritize media channels, and even determine campaign budgets.


The range of clients we’ve worked with over the years has enabled us to understand the unique challenges of organizations who rely on public or private funding to launch their projects. Because of this, we are well-equipped to collaborate with you to develop programs & strategies to effectively connect with these stakeholders.


Our founders have played an active role in provincial & national committees and boards, and appreciate what it takes to build relationships with various levels of government. This means we can provide strategic guidance on how to engage government agencies, and help facilitate connections and conversations where needed.

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